The latest on firefox/releases/latest

The primary way to download Firefox is at, but Mozilla’s Release Engineering team has also maintained directories like

to provide a stable location for scripted downloads. There are similar links for betas and extended support releases for organisations. Read on to learn how these directories have changed, and how you can continue to download the latest releases.

Until recently these directories were implemented using a symlink to the current version, for example firefox/releases/42.0/. The storage backend has now changed to Amazon S3 and this is no longer possible. To implement the same functionality we’d need a duplicate set of keys, which incurs more maintenance overhead. And we already have a mechanism for delivering files independent of the current shipped version – our download redirector Bouncer. For example, here’s the latest release for Windows 32bit, U.S. English:

Modifying the product, os, and/or lang allow other combinations. This is described in the README.txt files for beta, release, and esr, as well as the Thunderbird equivalents release and beta.

Please adapt your scripts to use links. We hope it will help you simplify at the same time, as scraping to determine the current version is no longer necessary.

PS. We’ve also removed some latest- directories which were old and crufty, eg firefox/releases/latest-3.6.


Posted on November 17, 2015, in Mozilla. Bookmark the permalink. 11 Comments.

  1. Perhaps I missed something obvious, but what about Developer Edition (aurora)?

  2. I think Mozilla just removed the possibility for installing Firefox securely for anyone who cannot rely on the security of SSL, since you do not give information about where a signed checksum file can be found. Or am I missing something?

  3. Oh, sorry. I see that now I just have to scrape the name given for the file from that download link, and then access the named releases directory to find the checksum file. Inconvenient, but not broken.

  4. Where is the location for latest full mar updates or incremental mar updates?
    Is there a redirector bouncer for mar?

  5. And what about latest apk for Android? It doesn’t seem available from, or am I wrong?

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