Monthly Archives: July 2010

Data for builds in progress

Chris AtLee has blogged about RelEng’s move to Buildbot v0.8.0 to control the many compilation and test slaves that serve the Firefox codebase, and about the database backend which will allow us to better track build progress and results. We’re working on making more of that information available for people to use, for example in TBPL.

As a first step, we’re now publishing data on jobs which are running and waiting for service in JSON format. There are also HTML versions if you’d like to view the information in a table form: running, pending. The JSON is broken down by branch and revision with the following data:

  • buildername – as appears on the top of the tinderbox waterfall column and TBPL display for a build
  • submitted_at – timestamp for when the job was added to the database
  • start_time – timestamp for when the job started running
  • last_heartbeat – timestamp for the buildbot master confirming the job is still running

All the timestamps are seconds since the Unix epoch, and the data is refreshed every 5 minutes.

Note that the data currently covers a subset of all the jobs that run, in particular the unit and talos jobs running on ‘Rev3 …’ builders are not included. We’ll close that gap when the farm of minis migrates to buildbot 0.8.0. In the meantime we have all the compile jobs for mozilla-central and other branches, some unit tests, about half of mobile, and all of try. The graphs for pending builds does track all jobs, if you were wondering.

Let us know what you think.