Nightly updates for Tracemonkey & Electrolysis

For the TraceMonkey and Electrolysis projects we’ve had a problem with nightly updates sending people back to mozilla-central builds. Nightlies produced from April 1st onwards (yes, really!) no longer had that issue but weren’t getting the latest build. Now I’m happy to tell you that updates will be offered to the latest nightly build for those branches, so you can get the newest JavaScript or process separation fixes automatically. It works just like other nightly and release updates, and we can do the same for any project branch that produces nightly builds.

And if you are one of the lost souls who have a Firefox 4.0a1pre build from March – May 2008, when mozilla-central used that version before dropping down to 3.1a1pre, then welcome to 2010 and all the great changes in mozilla-central since 2008.

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  1. Would it be possible to share the ADU stats for nightly builds? I’d be interested to see how many users there are, split up by OS, arch, locale and date.

    • For TraceMonkey there are about 1000 nightly users, mostly on Windows, and all en-US because there are no localized builds there. Electrolysis is about a factor of 10 smaller.

  2. Interesting. And the mozilla-central nightlies?

    Keep up the good work.

  3. I downloaded Firefox 4.0b2pre latest-trunk and latest-electrolysis (03-Jul-2010 05:03). Some of my principal extensions (NoScript, Omnibar, ImgLikeOpera,etc) does not work in latest-trunk but everything works OK in latest-electrolysis, I checked entering to my bank, ThePirateBay, TorrentReactor, KatzDonwloads, PhazeDDL, everything ok, and things that should be blocked are off.

    • Your electrolysis build probably doesn’t contain the xpcom registration changes in mozilla-central, the ones which break extensions.

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